From Overwhelmed to AI-nspired

Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI in your organization but feel overwhelmed by how to get started?

Look no further! Join industry experts Meghan Keaney Anderson from Jasper, Justin Keller from Drift, and Mike Kaput from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute for a knowledgeable panel of AI practitioners, sharing their extensive experience in deploying AI solutions.

This webinar explores the essential elements of crafting a value-driven roadmap for successful integration. From technology selection to team alignment and change management strategies, our esteemed speakers provide practical tips and invaluable lessons learned from their own AI journeys.

Gain unique insights into how these experts overcame challenges, identified high-impact use cases, and calculated the ROI of their AI initiatives. Whether you’re leading an AI project or playing an integral role, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to move your organization toward a more efficient, innovative, and value-centric future with AI.

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Justin Keller

SVP Marketing at Drift

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Head of Marketing at Jasper

Mike Kaput

Chief Content Officer at MAII

From Overwhelmed to AI-nspired