How to Align Marketing Ops and Demand Gen to Ensure No Leads Get Lost

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Establishing Your KPI's

In this conversation, Kate Adams and Lynn Tan, demand gen and ops professionals respectively, break down their proprietary five part framework for aligning your marketing ops and demand gen teams.The first part of that framework is establishing your business’ key performance indicators (KPIs). This how you’re going to measure the success of the marketing campaigns. In every campaign that you run you need to a.) understand how it’s performed, and b.) know how it does against your goal?

The Buyer's Journey

Once you’ve established these KPIs, demand gen and ops need agree on the buyer’s journey. What are the key components and steps of the buyer’s journey for your business? Lynn emphasizes the importance of multi-touch attribution and reaching customers throughout their buying journey. You can’t just simply use first touch or last touch to really understand what is driving the business and what is driving the buyer.

MarTech Stack

Third, you want to set up a clean marketing tech stack. What tools do you need to run the marketing campaign? The key thing to think about here, according to Lynn, is whether or not a new tool is going to fit within your current, existing tech stack.

Scalability and Repeatability

Once the campaign has been established, you want to achieve scalability and repeatability. How can you make sure this work happens as seamlessly as possible? Kate recommends taking a structured 4-step approach to building a marketing program. Build it, make sure it works, then break it, and figure out a way to automate it or scale it.

Achieving Insights

Finally, the last aspect of the framework is to move from reporting to achieving insight. What will you do with the data you’ve now obtained? Lynn and Kate suggest using the data to draw comparisons and identify trends of what’s happening. Ultimately following this framework allows you to not only keep your database healthy, but also continuously improve your marketing strategy.

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About the Presenters

Kate Adams Drift
Kate Adams
Sr. Director of Demand Generation @ Drift

Kate Adams is passionate about aligning marketing with sales and product teams, in order to create fully integrated marketing campaigns across all platforms to maximize both revenue and growth. She strives to bring businesses and brands to life in the hearts and minds of prospects and customers by creating and delivering valuable, compelling content for each stage within the customer life cycle.

Lynn Tan
Marketing Operations Manager @ Drift

Lynn is Drift’s go-to person for marketing tech stack questions, works closely with the marketing team on the execution and analysis of our demand gen initiatives, and keeps a watchful eye on any captured leads and follow-ups. She’s the one who eats, sleeps, and breathes lead attribution.

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