It’s Not ABM

We’ve all heard those three daunting letters: A-B-M

Account based marketing has emerged as the cure-all for what ails your demand generation strategy.

But really, ABM is all about targeting the right accounts at the right time. And to be honest…we just think that’s good marketing.

What we need now more than ever is a marketing solution that ties together sales and marketing, with a joint mission. So we’ve partnered up with 6sense to show you how to do just that.

In just under an hour you’ll learn:

  • #1 What ABM really means and why it matters for your business
  • #2 How ABM will help to align your sales and marketing teams
  • #3 Examples of ABM done right


Kate Adams Drift

Kate Adams

VP of Marketing @ Drift

Latane Conant

CMO @ 6sense

It’s Not ABM

(It’s Just Good Marketing)