Turning Non-Believers into Buyers:

You’re convinced that conversational marketing is the key to providing the best possible buying experience for your customers. Problem is…you have to sell the idea to everyone else.

There’s a whole team of people at your business that have a say in the matter. And they’re not as sure about conversational marketing as you are.

We’ve heard all the objections before, and honestly we get it…implementing something new is scary. So we’re going to help you ease everyone’s fears.

Join us for this one hour LIVE webinar as Mark and Dave break down every argument against implementing conversational marketing and arm you with the perfect responses to shut them all down.


Mark Kilens

VP of Content and Community @ Drift

Dave Gerhardt

VP of Marketing @ Drift

Turning Non-Believers into Buyers:

How to Get Your Entire Team All In On Conversational Marketing