New Year, New Leads:

For many, the start of the calendar year is an opportunity to reevaluate and make resolutions for the new year. Some people want to read more. Others want to exercise and get in better shape.

But the problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we rarely ever follow through on them.

Unless you happen to work for the legal software pioneer Clio.

You see, last year the folks at Clio resolved to try conversational marketing in the hopes of generating more qualified leads for their sales reps. 5 months and a 625% increase in chat leads later, it was safe to say that they had followed through on their resolution.

Now they want to pay it forward and help you make your resolution a reality in 2019.

Join Clio’s growth marketing guru, Emily Lonetto, and our own Cody Bernard as they walk you through how Clio implemented conversational marketing on their site and used it to drive unprecedented lead growth.


Cody Bernard

Product Marketing @ Drift

Emily Lonetto

Growth Marketing @ Clio

Get Your Best Leads in 2019.

How to Increase Your Chat Leads by 625% in 2019