5 Keys to Measuring Your Marketing Efficacy

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Drift VP of Marketing Kate Adams and Bizible/Marketo/Adobe Product Marketing Manager Jordan Con teamed up to present their 5 keys to measuring marketing efficacy. They contend that B2B marketing is broken. It’s inefficient, it’s expensive for marketers, and it results in a lot of wasted money. Ultimately, what you end up with is a lot of missed opportunities, missed revenue, and missed engagements with those customers. Join them as explain how to fix the broken system.

Being Customer Centric

The first key is putting the customer at the center of everything you do. A successful marketing program and organization, Kate argues, is entirely contingent on your willingness to place the customer experience above all else.

Data from the Source

Second is focusing primarily on granular data from the source. The old way of forcing everything through forms, which people don’t really want to fill out anymore, costs you fidelity and is extremely prone to human error.

Unify and Normalize

Key three is really tied in with the previous one. It’s about unifying and normalizing your data, across that entire buyer journey. Everything needs to work together to move people through the buying process.

Outcomes Over Activity

The penultimate key to measuring your marketing efficacy is proving impact with outcomes, NOT activity. Jordan notes that you can only have positive relationships and positive conversations as marketers when you’re solely focused on the ultimate outcomes.

Relevant Experiences

Fifth and final is delivering personally relevant experiences. Whoever gets closest to the customer wins. Whoever makes for a great customer experience first in your category wins hands down.

Watch the Recording

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About the Presenters

Kate Adams Drift
Kate Adams
VP of Marketing @ Drift

Kate Adams is passionate about aligning marketing with sales and product teams, in order to create fully integrated marketing campaigns across all platforms to maximize both revenue and growth. She strives to bring businesses and brands to life in the hearts and minds of prospects and customers by creating and delivering valuable, compelling content for each stage within the customer life cycle.

Jordan Con
Product Marketing Manager @ Bizible

Jordan is a product marketing manager at Marketo, an Adobe company. He is responsible for go-to-market product strategy, with a focus on our analytics capabilities. Prior to Marketo, Jordan led product marketing at Bizible (acquired by Marketo), the leader in B2B revenue attribution. Jordan also worked at Inside Social (acquired by Simply Measured) and as a strategist at ad agency, DNA.

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