5 Keys to Measuring Your Marketing Efficacy

According to the latest data from Bain & Company, only 8% of companies have made it to the other side of “Digital Transformation” and achieved the success that comes with it.

Despite the many technological advances and small tweaks of the last decade, too many marketers are still largely playing out of the 2009 lead generation playbook: fill the top of the funnel as much as possible and hope that something makes it out the bottom.

It’s a broken model…so how do you fix it? What’s the new playbook? Join this live webinar to learn:

  • #1 A new marketing funnel that puts the customer at the center
  • #2 How to deliver personal, relevant experiences based on data
  • #3 How to measure impacts and outcomes NOT activity


Kate Adams Drift

Kate Adams

VP of Marketing @ Drift

Jordan Con

Product Marketing Manager @ Bizible

5 Keys to Measuring Your Marketing Efficacy