Mastering The Self Serve Journey

Earlier this year, the Enterprise Growth Alliance published our 2023 Buyer Insights Report, presenting a picture of the modern buyer’s journey. The big takeaway – buyers prefer self-serve journeys. If your buyers are happy to do their own research, how do you make sure you’re their top choice?

To answer this question, we’ve called together an all-star lineup of demand gen experts. They’ll talk through the results of the report, dive into how the buyer’s journey has changed since 2020 (and how they expect it to change in the future) and how your company can keep potential buyers engaged— even if they’re intent on flying solo.

  • Join the webinar to learn more about:
  • How senior executives are defying our expectations— and how your company can capitalize
  • The importance social media plays for your buyer’s discovery process
  • The role your sales team can play in a self-driven buyer’s journey
  • Specific strategies to make sure your buyers can move themselves down your sales funnel.



Caitlin Seele

Head of Digital Marketing at Drift

Blake Burnett

Digital & Social Media Manager at Iron Horse

Matt Hummel

Head of Digital Marketing at Demandbase

Monica Behncke

Chief Growth Officer at Iron Horse

Mastering The Self Serve Journey