Making Room for Conversational Marketing Within Your Marketing Budget:

How to Make the Case

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Converting Your Site Traffic

This webinar will give you five ways to justify the cost and budget for conversational marketing. Kate leads off by noting that conversational marketing isn’t about driving traffic to your site, but rather about converting more of the traffic that is already on your site.

Welcome to NOW

The next argument to justify Drift is a term that is fundamental to Drift and conversational marketing as a whole: Now. You have so much going on as a marketer and are being pulled in a million different directions, all while the traffic on your site remains unengaged. Drift allows you to engage this traffic without being physically active online.

Not Just Another Channel...

The third way to pitch conversational marketing to your business’ budget master is by explaining that it is not another channel you do not know the quality of. The people that arrive on your site armed with questions and interested in purchasing are likely the same quality of leads that are already buying from your business. Your funnel doesn’t fundamentally change and the metrics that happen down funnel don’t fundamentally change using conversational marketing.

Shortening Your Sales Cycle

Fourth is the all important economic reason: Drift helps you shorten your sales cycle. Rather than filling out a form, waiting for a reply from a sales rep, setting up a time, and then booking a demo, Drift allows you to immediately engage and book time with your prospects as they’re on your site.


The last and one of the most important reasons to find room in your marketing budget for Drift is because of the impact on retention. If you can answer your customer questions quickly, and provide them with an experience that surprises and delights them, they’re far more likely to stick around for the long haul.

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About the Presenters

Dave Gerhardt
VP of Marketing @ Drift

Dave is the VP of Marketing at Drift and host of the Seeking Wisdom. He has spent the last 7 years working and learning at SaaS marketing companies, including HubSpot and Constant Contact. Dave lives for creating new categories, launching products, building an audience and getting the right people to pay attention.

Kate Adams Drift
Kate Adams
Sr Director of Demand Generation @ Drift

Kate Adams is passionate about aligning marketing with sales and product teams, in order to create fully integrated marketing campaigns across all platforms to maximize both revenue and growth. She strives to bring businesses and brands to life in the hearts and minds of prospects and customers by creating and delivering valuable, compelling content for each stage within the customer life cycle.

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