Anti-Racism in Tech:

Companies around the globe have sent out intentional statements and taken actions in solidarity with George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Black community. While the public response has been, for the most part, overwhelmingly positive, a common theme has emerged: a call for these companies to back up their words with action.

That’s why Drift and our friends at Wayfair, SmartBear, DraftKings, and Toast are coming together to help keep the momentum of the anti-racism movement going. This webinar will be an opportunity for additional introspection and guidance on actions to take both on an individual and company level.

In this live webinar, you can expect to take away the following:

  • #1 A high-level perspective from DEI leaders on what companies need to do to contribute to positive change right now.
  • #2 How to work cross-functionally to elicit change including how to use informal authority to engage leadership and the role both HR and your employment brand play.
  • #3 What you can do on an individual level focused on sharing knowledge with family and friends and incorporating anti-racism actions into daily work life.


Kiera Penpeci

DEI @ Drift

Vanessa Spatafora

DEI @ DraftKings

Kaitlyn Martins

Employment Brand @ Drift

Jason Jones

Employment Brand @ DraftKings

Sarah Castle

DEI @ Toast

KeyAnna Schmeidl

DEI @ Wayfair

Jackie Glenn

DEI @ SmartBear

Noel Wurst

Communications @ SmartBear

Julie Hogan

VP of Customer Experience @ Drift

Anti-Racism in Tech:

Keeping the Momentum Toward Systemic Change