How to Turn Average SDRs into Top Performers

Want to turn more pipeline into revenue? Start by enabling your SDR team.

There’s no bigger blocker to exceeding quota than an unequipped or poorly trained SDR. A well-trained SDR team not only impacts sales velocity, it can also lead to higher conversion rates, too.

Watch these 3 expert sales leaders from Drift, Outreach and Metadata share the blueprint for turning average SDRs into top performers

  • #1 Tactics for working with reps who hate cold calling
  • #2 How to change the mindset of underperforming reps
  • #3 How to create a culture of respect and trust in a remote-work setting


Jessica Jacobs

Sales Development Manager @ Drift

Kaitlen Kelly

Sr. Manager of Sales Development @ Outreach

Ashley Dees

SDR Manager @

How to Turn Average SDRs into Top Performers

3 Sales Managers Share Their Winning Frameworks