How Proofpoint Leveled Up Their Digital Experience with Drift

At the peak of the pandemic, Proofpoint was undergoing a massive digital transformation.

As part of this shift, Rahman Zolfaghari, Director of Digital Marketing at Proofpoint, and his team were focused on elevating their digital channels and brand to drive meaningful conversations with buyers and customers. When previous chat solutions proved unscalable, Proofpoint turned to Drift. Now, we’re sharing their success story with you.

Learn how Proofpoint uses Drift to not only drive highly-relevant conversations with buyers, but accelerate their velocity by taking advantage of upsell and land-and-expand opportunities. During this webinar, you’ll discover how Proofpoint uses Drift to:

  • #1 Connect buyers and sellers faster than ever before
  • #2 Scale their marketing and sales teams globally and attribute conversations to revenue
  • #3 Route conversations and inquiries to the right people across their enterprise


Aurelia Solomon

Director of Product Marketing @ Drift

Rahman "RZ" Zolfaghari

Director of Digital Marketing @ Proofpoint

How Proofpoint Leveled Up Their Digital Experience with Drift