Flip the Switch:

The game has changed.

Winning a deal in-person is off the table, and every single salesperson is limited to email, phone, and messaging. On top of that, companies are pulling back on their budgets so salespeople are forced to weather a near constant storm of ghosting and rejection.

How can sales teams create pipeline and hit quotas in a world that’s so abnormal?

It’s time to flip the switch on traditional sales playbooks, and unlock new ways to engage your accounts and drive new revenue.

The pros at Drift and ZoomInfo are joining forces for a live session to show you how to:

  • #1 Understand how your target audience has changed, and who they are now
  • #2 Use tactics the most successful sales pros are doing right
  • #3 Know when (and how) to use video as your new face-to-face channel


Julianne Thompson

Head of Sales Development @ Drift

Brian Vital

VP of Sales Development @ ZoomInfo

Flip the Switch:

New Ways to Hit Your Quota