Engaging the Demand Unit in Real Time on Your Website

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Buying Group Blindness

This conversation between Drift and SiriusDecisions highlights how to use conversational marketing to engage the swarms of buyers that arrive on your site every minute. Kerry Cunningham of Sirius sets the stage by addressing a very common B2B buying problem you’re likely to encounter: buying group blindness. Essentially, this inhibits your sales reps from seeing all possible opportunities among the traffic that is live on your site at a given time.

The Demand Unit

Kerry goes on to explain the adverse impact of buying group blindness on what he terms as the demand unit, that is the set of people who are involved in buying solutions from you. Without a full view of all of the people engaging with the content on your site, it can be difficult to know what the most promising opportunities are for your reps. The vast majority of your website visitors do not tell you or indicate in any way that they’re there.

Demand Unit Waterfall

Gar picks up the conversation and mentions how in 2017, SiriusDecisions introduced a demand unit waterfall. Whereas previous funnels were more focused on individuals and leads, this waterfall encompasses the demand unit from entire companies. This also allows you to see and interact with people who have not been on your site previously. Ultimately, you want to make sure that anybody who does come to your website is engaged.

Engaged Demand

Your buyers are already active on your website, and chances are you don’t know it, Gar argues. You want to turn the active buyers on your site into an engaged demand, which is somebody who has actually given up an email address so you can identify them.

Engage All Traffic

Now as Kerry concedes, typically sales is nervous about somebody else working on an opportunity, so it’s necessary to assure them that their pipeline won’t be negatively impacted. In general, know that you don’t have to completely change every process in your organization to improve and to start recognizing buying groups. Conversational marketing is simply intended to make sure no traffic on your site goes unengaged while actively interested in your business.

Watch the Recording

About the Presenters

Gar Smyth
Gar Smyth
Head of Enterprise Marketing @ Drift

Gar Smyth leads Enterprise Marketing at Drift. He helps B2B marketing and sales teams transform their pipeline building efforts. He’s built and led global demand generation, field marketing and SDR teams in startups and large enterprises over the past 15 years. Gar has a B. Eng. Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University.

Kerry Cunningham
Senior Research Director @ SiriusDecisions

Kerry has more than 20 years of experience in b-to-b demand creation and management, straddling the fence between marketing and sales. He has implemented lead management processes for many of the world’s most prominent b2b brands, amassing substantial real-world expertise in lead acquisition, governance and propensity modeling. Kerry has a BA in psychology from Indiana University and an MS in industrial/organizational psychology from San Francisco State University.

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