The 3 Alternatives to Email That Can Drive Just as Many MQLs

(If Not More)

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Email marketing is awesome, but the rules of the game are changing.

We know we’re preaching to the choir here, but with so much competing content cluttering up inboxes everywhere, it has become nearly impossible for marketers to get in front of prospects the traditional way.

Which makes it all the more frustrating when that killer prospecting email that you slaved over for hours gets lumped in with a slew of sales spiels destined straight for the trash. Thankfully, our own VP of Content & Community, Mark Kilens is teaming up with Aberdeen’s VP of Marketing, Jessie Coan to give you a few foolproof fail safes for driving MQLs when email misses the mark.

During this LIVE webinar, we’ll walk through 3 ways to tackle email marketing challenges with alternative methods of engagement to drive those funnel conversions.

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About the Presenters

Drift Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens
VP of Content and Community @ Drift

Mark Kilens is VP of Content and Community at Drift where he leads the blogging, editorial, social, and events teams.

Prior to joining Drift, he served as VP and founder of HubSpot Academy. As an enthusiastic former customer, Mark joined HubSpot in 2010 as an Inbound Marketing Consultant, where he spent two years working with thousands of HubSpot customers to scale their inbound strategy.

From there, he went on to build HubSpot Academy from the ground up, and in doing so, educated millions of people and created a best-in-class hub for marketing and sales content and training.

When he’s not at Drift, Mark enjoys plenty of steak and lobster, a round of golf or two, and loves being on snow or in the ocean.

Jessie Coan
Head of Marketing @ Aberdeen

Jessie Coan is Aberdeen’s Head of Marketing. As a senior marketer with 20 years’ experience, her focus at Aberdeen is setting the marketing strategy, and working with her team to drive the right message into the market. She also works with sales to drive their needs and ensure products are marketed awesomely.

Prior to joining Aberdeen, Jessie was the Marketing Director at Curata, building a market for content curation. Before her time working client side, Jessie worked in the agency world as the Senior Producer at Rival Marketing where she managed all the agency accounts.

Jessie earned her B.S. in Studio Art and Marketing from Skidmore College and her M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College.

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