Mastering Demand Gen:

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but demand gen isn’t getting any easier in 2019.

While a new year definitely means new prospects, it also brings a variety of challenges in engaging and ultimately converting on these opportunities.

Even if you have a great demand gen strategy in place,(which I’m sure you do), best practices are always evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, you have to make sure that you utilize the most current and proven channels to generate the most possible leads for your business.

So we’ve put together a highly specialized panel of pros to discuss three of the hottest demand gen channels in B2B marketing today.

Join our moderator with the most, Jared Fuller (Partnerships, Drift), as well as panelists Rob Leavitt (SVP, ITSMA), Ed Marsh (Founder, Consilium Global Business Advisors), and our own Enterprise Marketer extraordinaire, Gar Smyth, as they explain how to align your ABM, intent data, and conversational marketing strategies to fuel your demand gen efforts in 2019.


Ed Marsh

Founder, Consilium Global Business Advisors

Rob Leavitt


Gar Smyth

Enterprise Marketing, Drift

Drive more demand this year

Integrating ABM, Intent Data, and Conversational Marketing Tactics for Growth