CRM is Not Enough

Join Brandon Purcell from Forrester and the Platform of Independents for a live stream on the new martech landscape.

Decades ago, when CRM was invented, it promised to bring customers and businesses together. Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Poor data quality, inflexible workflows, and ineffective integrations are a day-to-day reality for businesses, while customers are still waiting for the personalized experiences they were promised decades ago.

As the world shifts to more mobile devices and our toothbrushes start connecting to the internet, it’s time to say what we’ve all been thinking: building our business around CRM is no longer enough.

Join us on February 5th as Forrester Analyst Brandon Purcell discusses the new martech landscape and how your company can build the customer data technology stack that matches the reality of today’s multi-channel, digital era.


Brandon Purcell

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Peter Reinhardt

CEO and Co-founder, Segment

CRM is Not Enough