CMO Roundtable:

As marketers, it’s easy for us to see the value in what we do. But what about for the sales team? What about for the CEO and Board?

For marketing to be seen as a reliable revenue-driver today, the onus is on CMOs to not only create programs that support the goals of the business, but to also communicate the efficacy of those programs to sales leaders, their CEO, and their Board.

Join Tricia Gellman (CMO at Drift), Ryan Bonnici (CMO at G2), and Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) for a CMO roundtable webinar on how CMOs achieve marketing alignment with their CEOs and boards. You’ll hear:

  • #1 Anecdotes from our speakers on how they achieve marketing alignment
  • #2 The core tenets to enable tighter alignment with sales, marketing, and company leadership
  • #3 Common pitfalls that hinder cross-functional coordination and impede collaboration


Tricia Gellman

CMO @ Drift

Matt Heinz

President @ Heinz Marketing Inc

Ryan Bonnici

CMO @ G2 Crowd

CMO Roundtable:

How Top CMOs Achieve Marketing Alignment With Their CEOs & Boards