In October, we held an exorcism for your bad marketing emails (yeah – that’s a real webinar we did).

Next, we helped you slay your subject line.

Now, we’re ready to tackle the email monster under the bed…The CTA


There’s no point in sending an email if it’s not going to convert. And let’s be honest…you know you can do better than “Click Here”

After all, on average, less than 3 out of every 100 people click through on emails. Why would you settle for that?

  • #1 The components of strong email CTAs
  • #2 Best practices for concise, actionable CTA wording
  • #3 Email landing pages people want to engage with


Kate Adams

VP of Marketing @ Drift

Ivy Gordon

Sr. Manager of Sales and Onboarding @ Unbounce


Email CTAs That Actually Convert