ABM For Existing Customers? Yes, and here's why

As marketers, we spend so much time (and money) creating personalized experiences for the top prospects that visit our website.

But too often, once those prospects become customers, all the personalization goes away. They visit the site and get the same experience every single customer gets.

It shouldn’t be that way.

In an economic climate where customer lifetime value (CLV) matters more than ever before, personalization is paramount every step of the way. That’s where an ABM program for customers comes into play.

Join Drift’s Myriam Diarra and Stacy Chen February 9 to learn:

      • How to differentiate your prospect’s website experience from your customer’s
      • How to let data guide the ABM story
      • How to deliver personalized experiences that keep your customers coming back for more


Myriam Diarra

Head of Lifecycle Marketing

Stacy Chen

Conversion Marketing Manager

ABM For Existing Customers? Yes, and here's why