The ABC’s of ABM:

You decide to add account-based marketing to your existing demand gen marketing strategy. You have the budget for it and you’ve even pulled together a few lists of great accounts to target. You set up a few amazing, hyper-targeted campaigns, send them out into the world, and…

…nothing happens. Well, technically something happens: you lose your budget.

It’s not your fault. You targeted some awesome accounts. The problem is they weren’t the right accounts for your business.

So we’ve brought together Mark Kilens (VP, Content and Community, Drift) and Ali Biggs (Director, Brand & Product Marketing, RollWorks) to show you how to make sure your ABM strategy is targeting the right accounts and generating serious ROI.

Join these two seasoned marketing pros for a one-hour, LIVE webinar and learn how to:

  1. Create an ideal customer profile (ICP) and build a target account list (TAL) for your business
  2. Find and engage your ideal accounts and buyers
  3. Convert the leads that come to your site from your ABM campaigns


Drift Mark Kilens

Mark Kilens

VP of Content and Community, Drift

Ali Biggs

Director of Marketing, RollWorks

The ABC’s of ABM:

How to Identify, Engage, and Convert Your Most Ideal Accounts