A Complete Guide to Account-Based Selling

We hear a lot about creating personalized experiences for buyers from a marketing perspective, but we often forget about how important it is for sales, too.

Account-based selling is all about putting more energy into
the accounts that give your company more revenue. Because who doesn’t want that?

We’re joining forces with 6sense to give you the simplified account-based framework your sales team needs.


Watch A Complete Guide to Account-Based Selling to learn:

  • #1 How to define your ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • #2 How to collaborate with your marketing team and use content in your strategy
  • #3 Strategies for standing out as you return back in-person with prospects/buyers


Ernest Owusu

Sr. Director of Business Development, 6sense

Derek Kelliher

Mid-Market Sales Manager, Drift

Brooke Freedman

Sr. Director of Mid-Market Sales, Drift

A Complete Guide to Account-Based Selling