A Look Inside the Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Rumors of the death of email have been greatly exaggerated.

While it has become a popular claim among the bolder marketing and sales folks out there, the truth is that email is far from deceased.

It’s the way we’re using email that is an outdated and dying practice. You know what I’m talking about…I’m sure you awake every morning to an inbox full of impersonal sales pitches and passionless pleas for your time.

That’s why we created the Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing. And in this one hour webinar, its creators will be breaking down the entire thing LIVE.

Join us and get an inside look at the new era of email, as well as 9 different email plays that you can take home with you.


Drift Mark Kilens

Mark Kilens

VP of Content and Community @ Drift
Kate Adams Drift

Kate Adams

Senior Director of Demand Generation @ Drift

A Look Inside the Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

AND the 9 Different Email Plays You Can Try Out Today