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"These guys get it."

- Nathan Leary

Short version: Instead of wasting the first 10 min of your day when you get into the office and screw around before getting started with your day - READ 1-2 STEPS A DAY. Sharpen your sword and create an experience by radically educating and serving the people you're trying to reach.

A little longer version:

1. I work in sales for an IT security company where I've passively sat back and eaten the classic sales vs. marketing misalignment junk.

THIS WONT SCALE VERSION: That's a sad excuse to not explore creative options to actually make steps towards cross pollinating and creating value

2. In a scene where sales trainers are shoving 10-14 cold call and cold email touches down new reps throats, we're bludgeoning our prospects into an attitude where they just want to take our call to get us to shut up.

THIS WONT SCALE VERSION: Sales processes have their place, but if we can take executable strategies (....cough cough 41 badass marketing plays....) and create a TRUE EXPERIENCE for our prospects and customers, that's when we'll start to make true impact.

To sum things up: a SOLID $10 that you can invest into your sales/marketing strategies.

"I was initially skeptical but that quickly changed..."

- Braunson

I just started & finished reading "This Won't Scale" today. I want to say I was initially skeptical on what the message of the book would be bracing myself for woven sales message but I have to say my worries were unfounded. I was surprised to see this book arrive as I had forgotten I even signed up for it in the first place.

The book contained numerous tidbits of great information I went ahead and highlighted for later glancing because it was great info I want to implement. I'm no marketing expert, I'm a full stack developer but I do have side projects where I wear many different hats. I'm going to take the knowledge learned in this book and implement it into my project which I'm relaunching very soon!

I have to mention, I never knew about what conversational marketing was (until now) tho I've seen it mentioned here and there. I also never knew about HYPERGROWTH Conf nor the podcast. I've started looking at tickets for the next event and I'm already a few episodes through the podcast.

I'm pretty excited for the next book and after reading this book and understanding how Drift works at a company level, it makes me want to work at Drift! Perhaps one day I'll be in the area and can check out that book shelf at the office to see what you are reading!!

tldr: buy this book, highlight information you find helpful, review frequently!

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