The Digital Way Forward

Your website is more important than ever. Because right now, digital is one of the only channels you have to really connect with buyers and customers.

So what does “good” look like in the age of digital? First and foremost, it means providing an unmatched and personalized web experience. One that speaks to your prospects and customers directly and puts their needs and pains first.

In this day-long virtual event, you’ll learn from industry leaders on how to best optimize your website experience for the new normal. Sessions will cover everything from web personalization and UX design, to SEO and SEM best practices, and much more.

Be sure to join us live, online.

Your RevGrowth: Digital Speakers

Billy Gene

Founder and CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc.

Ryan Brown

Head of Brand Strategy, Ceros

Ellie Mirman

CMO, Crayon

Kylie Alexander

Marketing Operations Manager, Adobe

Mark Bornstein

VP of Marketing, ON24

Chris Vandermarel

Director of Product Marketing, PathFactory

Sarah Kunst

Managing Director at Cleo Capital. Contributing Editor at Marie Claire.
Unfortunately Sarah Kunst will not be appearing today due to technical issues but will be appearing at future Drift event soon

Molly Clarke

Head of Digital Marketing, Drift

Simon Mathonnet

Web Strategy & Optimization Manager, Unbounce

Kate Adams

VP of Marketing, Drift

Tricia Gellman

CMO, Drift


11:00 AM EDT
Session #1

3 of the fastest & most affordable ways to get customers buying from your website in less than 24 hours

Billy Gene Shaw
Founder & CEO at Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc.
11:40 AM EDT
Session #2

Data-driven landing page experiences

Simon Mathonnet
Web Strategy & Optimization Manager at Unbounce
12:00 PM EDT
Break #1

15 Minute Break

12:15 PM EDT
Session #3

How to engage audiences in a digital-first world

Mark Bornstein
VP of Content Marketing and Chief Webinerd at ON24
12:35 PM EDT
Session #4

How to Create a High-ROI Paid Social Strategy that Nurtures, Engages & Converts

Kate Adams
VP of Demand Generation at Drift
Molly Clarke
Head of Digital Marketing at Drift
1:00 PM EDT
Break #2

30 Minute Break

1:30 PM EDT
Session #5

CMO Fireside Chat

Ellie Mirman
CMO at Crayon
Tricia Gellman
CMO at Drift
1:50 PM EDT
Session #6

The Virtual Event Lifecycle: Maximize Your ROI Before, During & After Broadcast

Chris Vandermarel
Director of Product Marketing at PathFactory
2:15 PM EDT
Break #3

15 Minute Break

2:30 PM EDT
Session #7

Digital experiences for the new normal

Ryan Brown
Head of Brand Strategy, Ceros
2:50 PM EDT
Session #8

Operationally Enabling Creatives: Foundations for Digital Experiences

Kylie Alexander
Marketing Operations Manager at Adobe

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