What You Get Inside The Starter Kit

The State of Conversational Marketing Report

Based on a survey of 1,000+ consumers, The State of Conversational Marketing is a follow-up to our State of Chatbots. In our new report, The State of Conversational Marketing, we explore:
  • How and why customer expectations are evolving
  • Highlight key conversational marketing trends
  • Benchmarks that will help your company become more customer-centric (and, in turn, drive more revenue)

The Conversational Marketing Blueprint

You’ll get the Conversational Marketing Blueprint, which is the best next step after the official book on Conversational Marketing. The blueprint gives you a step-by-step guide for implementing and optimizing conversational marketing for your business. This guide will answer the following questions:
  • How does conversational marketing work?
  • How do I implement conversational marketing?
  • How do I optimize conversational marketing for my own business?

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The Conversational Sales Handbook

This is the guide you’ll need to build your Conversational Sales strategy (aka what happens after you’ve reaped the rewards from everything you learned from the Conversational Marketing Blueprint).

You’ll learn:
  • How does conversational sales work?
  • How to implement a conversational sales strategy for your business.
  • How to do it all regardless if you’re at work, on a call, or at the beach on vacation.

CMO Secrets Revealed

The best way to learn is by talking to people. Talk to customers. Talk to colleagues. Talk to people in your industry, including competitors. Find out what they care about, what they’re struggling with, and what they’re doing to get better. Over the past couple years, we’ve been lucky enough to talk to some of the brightest minds in marketing. These are people who’ve literally written the book on brand and growth marketing, from data to storytelling and everything in between. In this series, we’ll share some of the lessons we’ve learned from our conversations with CMOs and marketing trailblazers.

This Won’t Scale

We’ll also share a digital copy of our popular book This Won’t Scale, which is a book by the Drift Marketing Team with a foreword by Mike Volpe, CEO of Lola.com, former CMO of Cybereason & HubSpot. This Won’t Scale includes 41 plays we us across content, email, events, branding, and more. This 110 page book has only been available as a hard copy but we’re making it available digitally for the first time as part of this offer (no one else will be able to get this book digitally).

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