The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Starter Kit

If you’re a B2B marketer today, you’re probably drowning in information about new tools and technology, and the last thing you need is another marketing buzzword. Trust us. We know how it is. We’re B2B marketers too here at Drift. We get it. And that’s exactly why we came up with this idea to help you cut through the noise and get everything you need to know about Conversational Marketing right now. Instead of doing all the research and heavy lifting digging through our books, blogs, podcasts, videos, reviews, and analyst reports, we asked our top customers what resources they would give to someone new to Conversational Marketing and we’re packaging all of that together to send right to your door for the first time with The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Starter Kit.
We’ll send you a hard copy of the 262 page book on Conversational Marketing, the Modern Marketers Playbook, the Conversational Marketing Blueprint, the Conversational Sales Handbook, and 15 of the best conversational marketing examples (including examples we use every day on our website at Drift) right to your door, 100% for free. And as a bonus, we’re adding content hand-picked by the marketing team at Drift based on everything we’ve learned here helping over 150,000 businesses from every industry like Ellie Mae, GrubHub, InVision, Marketo, MongoDB, Okta, Outreach, Eventbrite, and Vidyard.

What You Get With The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Starter Kit...

1. The Official Book on Conversational Marketing

We’ll ship a copy of the 262 page hardcover book on Conversational Marketing right to your door.

This book was an instant #1 new release on Amazon in THREE categories (sales, marketing, commerce) and there’s already been over 10,000 copies sold.

2. The Modern Marketers Playbook

You’ll get a digital copy of our Modern Marketer’s Playbook, which is a guide we wrote with strategic insights from 35 of today’s most influential marketing leaders from companies like Slack, LinkedIn, Okta, Vimeo, and more.

Drift Modern Marketer Playbook

3. The Conversational Marketing Blueprint

You’ll get the Conversational Marketing Blueprint, which is the best next step after the official book on Conversational Marketing.

The blueprint gives you a step-by-step guide for implementing and optimizing conversational marketing for your business.

Only A Limited Number Of Hard Copies Are Available

Join the thousands of forward-thinking marketing & sales leaders who are taking advantage of these exclusive resources & blueprints.

4. The Conversational Sales Handbook

This is the guide you’ll need to build your conversational sales strategy (aka what happens after you reaping the rewards from everything you learned from the Conversational Marketing Blueprint).

You’ll learn how conversational sales works, how to implement a conversational sales strategy for your business — and how to do it all regardless if you’re at work, on a call, or at the beach on vacation.


5. This Won't Scale

We’ll also share a digital copy of our popular book This Won’t Scale, which is a book we wrote as a marketing team and includes 41 plays we us across content, email, events, branding, and more.

This 110 page book has only been available as a hard copy but we’re making it available digitally for the first time as part of this offer (no one else will be able to get this book digitally).

6. A Free Website Conversion Assessment

We’ll have one of our Conversational Marketing experts take a look at your website and share actionable ideas based on what other Drift customers are doing today to help you turn more of your existing traffic into qualified sales leads.

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