Innovative marketers haven’t missed a beat with engagement and lead generation in the new, low-touch world. ROI for virtual events is at an all time high. And even though we started using them to supplement pipeline during COVID-19, everyone can agree on one thing. They’re here to stay. Virtual events come in all sizes. There’s Adobe Summit, which hosted more than 500,000 people, all the way down to Drift’s Ascend Customer Experience VIP discussion events and wine tastings for just a handful of people. It’s critical to think about virtual events not only as webinars, but as the new way to create a high-touch experience in a low-touch world. And Drift is leading the way in helping people maximize ROI from their digital events.

Here’s why you need Drift for your next virtual event

Drive registrations through conversations.

Increase event registration by removing the friction of a form in your sign up flow. With Drift, you can automatically sign up attendees for your live event, trigger confirmation emails or nurture tracks in your MAP, and prompt conversations with FAQs.

Engage your attendees during the event.

Greet attendees and build relationships in real-time. Drift’s integration with ON24 allows you to build playbooks that engage your attendees by answering questions, scheduling a demo, or routing the conversation to someone on your team while the event is in session.

Turn your registrations into meetings.

Connect your AEs with their accounts during or after your event. With Drift, you can target a list in your MAP with a playbook, instantly notify your reps when one of their accounts is on your site or at the event so they can jump into a conversation, and sync that data back into your MAP to create personalized follow up.

Differentiate Your Brand with High Touch Experiences in a Low Touch World

RevGrowth: Virtual Experiences

It’s no secret that high-touch, in-person events are off the table. But innovative marketers have taken this not as a challenge, but an opportunity to make every online interaction a true, virtual experience. During our most recent RevGrowth, we brought you lessons and inspiration from the minds behind today’s most exciting virtual experiences. Learn from Alex Lacamoire, the award-winning Musical Director behind Hamilton, The Office’s Rainn Wilson, and Sarah Kuntz of Cleo Capital, plus many more.
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With Drift, we drove a total of 3,700 conversations that helped us get people to our virtual event and ensure they had the best experience once they were there. We also had 98 demo-oriented conversations and 56 direct message conversations with people in key target accounts.”
— Gabe Turner, Digital Marketing & Marketing Operations Manager, Celonis

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