Get a Better Picture of Each and Every Conversation

Most revenue teams don’t know which customer conversations, on which pages, are best converting into quality leads. Much less which ones are leading to closed deals and revenue. With Drift Analytics & Insights, you get a clear picture of website performance – analyzing which conversational approaches, on which pages, generate your highest-converting leads. And which source and influence the most pipeline and revenue. So you can do more of what works best.

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website engagement metrics with Drift Analytics
A lot of the beauty of Drift is that it doesn’t just solve for current pain points. It brings a lot more to the table. It’s like a brand new lead channel. There was a lot of revenue left on the table; Drift has been able to tackle that for us.”
— Rob Stevenson, Director of Performance Marketing at Zenefits

Turn Website Engagement Metrics into Revenue

Because Drift allows you to set your qualification and engagement strategy at different levels for different types of customers, you can constantly analyze website performance and take action to up your game for each place you drive revenue from your site – for example talking to larger enterprise customers on your pricing page versus small business customers reading through your content. With more targeted messaging, you drive higher engagement and leads funnel more quickly into pipeline.

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Drift Analytics

Keep Your Messaging Sharp by Understanding What Customers Care About

It’s not just how you engage customers, it’s also what customers ask and say. That’s why Drift Analytics & Insights surfaces relevant messages, topics, and questions to address in your website conversations and across every single marketing asset. With insight into what customers are asking about, you can optimize engagement, qualification, and revenue from your website – and across your marketing – to increase your performance over time.

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website engagement metrics and performance

Drift provides you with insights to double down on what's working and cut out what isn't.

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