It's time to end the war.

For decades, marketers have argued with sales teams about what makes a lead qualified.

They’ve fought about what influenced a sale: a marketing campaign or a sales call?

This prevents sales and marketing from getting the alignment they need to truly drive growth.

And, now that over 50,000 companies are using Drift to drive growth with the help of messaging, people want to know how much conversational marketing influences the most important metric of all: revenue.

Forget metrics like cost per lead, conversion rates, or click-throughs – what marketers wanted, and what businesses need – was just one metric to rule them all.

So now revenue reporting is a reality in Drift.

And now the war can end between your marketing and sales teams.

Introducing Revenue Reporting from Drift

...oh and it's not just revenue metrics, we also added...

What days are you having the most conversations?

Take a pulse of your conversational marketing efforts. Grade how you’re doing day-to-day.

You want to see growth, here’s where to watch it.

What time are you having the most conversations?

Use this heat map to gauge the time of day business is getting done.

The darker the purple, the more conversations your team is having, the more revenue you’re generating.


Where are your conversations happening?

If there’s a party of conversations going on somewhere on your site, this chart is going to show you where it is.

Don’t miss the party.

We’ll stack rank your top ten website pages, but you can also search to find any page’s performance.

Who's getting the most conversations?

And if there’s a party, here’s the most popular person on your team.

Now you can hand out the trophy.

But really, make sure your sales reps are jumping into conversations and getting routed their fair share of leads.

How long does it take for your team to reply?

“Hello? Anyone there?”

Don’t let that be your dream customers waiting for you.

The magic number for lead response time is five minutes. When the clock strikes five, your leads turn into pumpkins – or maybe not, but they most likely have moved on. Maybe to a competitor.

How long is your average conversation?

No, we won’t charge you by conversation length. We’re not a cell phone company from 2005.

But checking which of your reps are having really long conversations is telling of many things: like who needs sales coaching.

To see all your new metrics, click here.

Try it today.