Book more meetings and make sales reps more productive by automatically driving your most engaged prospects into a personalized conversation.

About Outreach

Outreach is a leading sales engagement platform that optimizes every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle to accelerate growth. The platform manages all customer interactions across email, voice, and social, and leverages machine learning to guide reps to take the right actions.

Outreach and Drift

Sales and Marketing teams can now share context from every touchpoint in the customer journey to drive stronger results together. You’ll be able to start Drift conversations directly from Outreach emails to book more meetings, shorten your sales cycle, and deliver the best buying experience for your potential customers.

You’ll be notified when a contact you’ve emailed through Outreach lands on your site. Drift’s bot can greet prospects with a personalized message from their sales rep or offer to book a meeting. ​​Take engagement further by embedding a Drift Video into your Outreach sequence. When the video is watched, you’ll be notified and can jump in to start a live-chat. You can enroll the prospect into an Outreach sequence, right from Drift.

We’ll add conversation activity and meetings booked through Drift directly into the Outreach record. You’ll remain focused on the customer and respond in a timely manner – instead of maintaining multiple data sources and delaying follow-up.

Use Cases

Never miss the opportunity to connect with a target account on your website
When a prospect clicks any link to your website in your Outreach sequence, they’ll be greeted by you (yes, you!) with a personalized Drift message on your website. You will be notified the second they land on your site so you can jump straight into a conversation with them. If you’re not around, no problem — the bot can start a conversation and help them book a meeting for later. On-the-go? You can receive notifications through mobile, slack, desktop, and browsers.
Automatically follow up with prospects you chat with in Drift
After chatting with a prospect in Drift, you can enroll them in an Outreach sequence directly from Drift. That way, you’ll never forget to follow up.
Get the insights you need to close deals faster
After an Outreach prospect has clicked your link in an email and chatted with you on Drift, you’ll see a full transcript of that conversation in your Outreach activity feed. Now you have the context you need before your next step with them.
Trigger Off External Drift Events and see them within your Outreach feed
After you've chatted with your prospect on Drift, you can determine if they should stay in sequence or if another action should occur. Use Outreach triggers to customize what happens next. You’ll stay organized with all Drift conversations, new meetings, prospect messages, and rep messages documented directly into Outreach. See these messages by filtering external Drift events into your activity feed.


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