Office 365

Connect Drift with your calendar to start turning website visits into meetings even faster.

About Office 365

Manage your schedule and work from any device with Office 365. Calendars include Office 365,,, or hotmail calendar.

Office 365 and Drift

With just a few clicks you can integrate your Office 365 calendar with Drift and start booking meetings 24/7 right in chat conversations, email, and through a personalized scheduling link – all synced to the calendar you already use. Once a calendar is connected, Drift Meetings can read your availability so you never get double booked. You can then personalize your meeting settings, set up meeting types – including group meetings, and start doing much more.

Using Zoom? It’s easy to add Zoom conferencing links to all of your meetings booked through Drift with our Zoom integration.

Use Cases

Schedule sales meetings with site visitors 24/7.
When your sales team isn’t available to chat, you can still target your best visitors and ABM accounts, welcome them with a personalized message from the right sales rep, and let them instantly schedule a sales meeting – any time of day (or night).
Use the calendar drop to book more meetings on your calendar.
The Calendar drop can be used in a variety of ways, including on your Drift Profile, Drop in Live Chat, and Automatic Drop from Playbooks.
Send meeting reminders right from Drift.
Set the communication cadence about the Drift meetings on your calendar, such as how often and when meeting reminders are set out to guests.
Prevent chat interruptions during a meeting.
With Drift reading your connected calendar, you’ll automatically be prevented from being routed into a chat during a time when you have a meeting on your calendar. When you stop being busy, you’ll be routed into conversations again.
Take control of your schedule.
Set your available hours and time zone so only meetings that align with the criteria can be booked. You can select the days you are available and the times to go along with those days. With time buffer settings, you can build in time to allow you to take a breather and prepare for your next meeting.

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