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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

With Drift and Pardot, you can automatically identify qualified leads and personalize conversations, all while syncing data back to Account Engagement.

About Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Platform

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) is a premiere B2B marketing automation suite that powers more sales.

Drift made it easy to deliver what we called a “red-carpet roll out” for our prospects. The seamless integration with Pardot allowed us to easily create dynamic lists for different bots. For instance, we created a list of people who were already registered (so they wouldn’t see the registration bot again). We were also able to exclude competitors from seeing the registration bot based on another Pardot list that we used to identify competitors via tracked cookie targeting.

Gabe Turner, Marketing Ops Manager at Celonis

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Platform and Drift

Roll out the red carpet to engage your targeted website visitors with a personalized message. When a prospect arrives on your site, Drift uses Account Engagement data to identify which emails or campaigns the visitor has interacted with and alerts reps in real-time. Drift also updates Account Engagement with information from Drift chats and emails – expanding your database and making the rest of your campaigns even smarter. That means you can deliver a great customer experience while improving your ROI across both Drift and Account Engagement. Talk about a win-win.

Use Cases

Identify leads and deliver personalized experiences
Sync contact lists from Account Engagement into Drift to target prospects and customers with personalized conversations when they visit your site. This goes beyond greeting known leads by name (even if they’ve never engaged with Drift before); you can tailor their Drift experience based on where they are in the buying process and how they’ve engaged with your campaigns.
Automatically create and nurture leads
Drift adds new leads into Account Engagement for you, and updates both new and old leads with information about how they engaged with Drift – making it easy to nurture them with targeted, personalized, and relevant campaigns. You can also filter out which leads make it in by specifying a qualification score, and you can set a lead owner in Account Engagement based on Drift activity.
Make sure email responses get the right follow up
Drift Email analyzes all of your incoming Account Engagement email replies, finding and tagging the real human replies. It syncs contacts and reply data to Account Engagement, then automatically routes those emails to the right sales reps so you can book more meetings.
Maintain a clean database
Drift Email not only picks out human replies, but mines the automated ones too. It recognizes and uses information from bounce-backs, out-of-office replies, and email signatures to invalidate outdated contacts, enrich your existing leads in Account Engagement, and adds new ones. You’ll improve email deliverability and database health with every send.


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