Lift AI

The buyer intent intelligence technology that enables Drift users get an average of 9x more conversations to pipeline.

About Lift AI

Lift AI is a machine-learning model that is pre-trained on billions of data points to predict the likelihood of website visitors to convert into revenue (also known as “buyer intent”).

The model uncovers the buyer intent of every visitor – both known and anonymous – in true “real-time”.

The opportunity this creates for your marketing and sales team is immense, as up to 70% of your website traffic is completely anonymous and is currently being missed.

Instead, Lift AI lets you extract value from 100% of your visitors – from known accounts identified by Drift Intel, to unknown visitors who could be converted into revenue with the right engagement at the right time.

Lift AI is a small snippet of code that sits on your website to score each visitor, and it only takes a few minutes to install (you can do it yourself!).

Leads captured through our Lift AI powered Drift playbooks consistently drive better pipeline and revenue per lead vs. all of our other lead capture tactics.

Bill Mackay, Manager, Digital Performance Marketing at Formstack

Lift AI and Drift

Using Lift AI, Drift customers get an average of 9x more conversations turned into pipeline.

How? By setting up custom Drift playbooks based on Lift AI buyer intent scores.

Drift customers like Oka, Formstack and Nitro use Lift AI to direct high intent visitors to live agents, and low intent visitors to escalation bots or support deflection.

This results in a better experience for the visitor, more conversions, more Drift coverage across the site, and a more productive sales team.

Use Cases

Increase Chat Conversions in Real-time
Use Lift AI buyer intent scores for each visitor to trigger the most optimal Drift playbook for conversion. High intent visitors can be routed to live sales resources for the best chance of converting in real-time, before the visitor leaves the site! Medium intent visitors can be sent to escalation chatbots, which are optimized to hand over leads to sales when criteria are met. Low intent visitors can be nurtured into sales by directing them to helpful resources.
Reveal Your Hidden Anonymous Visitors
Up to 70% of your traffic is completely anonymous to you and your marketing technology/tools. With Lift AI, you can determine the buyer intent score of each of those anonymous visitors (plus known visitors) and funnel them through custom playbooks designed for conversion in real-time.
Enhance Your Drift Intel & Account Information
Lift AI buyer intent scores can be used in tandem with your account-level information (firmographic and business profile) to further prioritize their treatment. For example, key accounts who also happen to have high Lift AI buyer intent can be targeted by your live sales team with a chat invitation for immediate conversion. Happen to miss the high-intent accounts with chat? Follow-up with those accounts later via your CRM.
Refine Retargeting Lists
With Lift AI buyer intent scores, you can create custom "high intent" audiences using Google Analytics or similar, and retarget those visitors with display, text, or video ads.
Optimize Digital Advertising
With Lift AI buyer intent scores, you can see which of your advertising campaigns are generating the most "high intent" visitors, and which campaigns are not, so you can optimize your ad spend and distribution accordingly. This can help with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok ads, and more.


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