De-anonymize visitors and deliver personalized chat experiences with Drift and Demandbase

About Demandbase

Demandbase is the leader in account-based marketing (ABM). The comprehensive ABM platform lets customers identify target accounts based on intent, and then attract, engage, convert, and measure the performance of those accounts.

In this day and age, prospects and customers expect to be treated with personalized messaging. It’s not okay to assume one-size-fits all anymore. So if you have the data in another system you own, it’s really important to tie those together to really understand the person visiting your site.

Dan Ahmadi, VP of International Marketing and Demand Generation at Branch

Demandbase and Drift

Demandbase’s ABM platform includes a targeting solution, which helps B2B marketers execute account-based advertising campaigns to reach and influence the key decision makers at your target accounts. By combining Demandbase and Drift, you can move prospects and customers from a highly-targeted ad to a personalized conversation with sales in a single click — shortening your sales cycle, increasing ROI, and creating a better experience for your customers.

You’ll benefit from Demandbases’s account data (firmographics, technographics, first party, predictive scores, account segments such as customer status, journey stage and more) to personalize Drift chat experiences for both known and anonymous site visitors to increase engagement and sales velocity. The time from engagement to conversation to pipeline has never been faster.

Use Cases

Greet website visitors with a personalized message
Every VIP customer will now experience a real-time message from their account owner when they arrive on your site. Even if a visitor is anonymous, Demandbase will personalize the message with details like company name, industry, and more.
Score and prioritize website visitors with firmographic targeting and predictive scores
Is your sales team hungry for more leads with a certain employee count or other specific detail? Demandbase will detect when visitors meet your criteria and trigger a Drift message written specifically for them. Demanbases account data includes firmographics, technographics, first party, predictive scores, account segments such as customer status, journey stage and more.
Find hidden opportunities in your anonymous traffic
Using Demandbase data, you can accurately identify anonymous visitors in real time. That means you’ll know the visitor on your pricing page isn’t just some random person — it’s someone at a software company in NYC with 500 employees and $100-150M in annual revenue. It also means your sales team can reach out with a targeted message (instead of just hoping the visitor fills out a form).
Never miss an ABM target
Your sales reps will get an alert the moment one of their top accounts arrives. No reps available? No problem — a chatbot can jump in to start a conversation and/or offer to book a meeting.


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