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With Drift live chat software you can start chatting with your website visitors in real-time, qualify leads faster, and connect your customers with the right business solutions more efficiently.

Convert More Website Visitors Into Leads

When you create a better buying experience, you’ll actually see higher engagement from your buyers. Live chat messages get up to 15x more engagement than email.

  • Use Targeting to offer live chat only to the website visitors you want talking to your sales team.
  • Use Routing to make sure the right rep is routed into each conversation.
  • You can automatically convert website visitors into leads or book meetings by building a Drift Playbook.
Drift Solutions

Chat With Your ABM Accounts

With Drift, you can target your best visitors and ABM accounts, welcome them with a personalized message from the right sales rep, and even let them instantly schedule a meeting.

  • Notifications alert your reps when one of their ABM accounts is on your website.
  • Use Marketo, Pardot, 6sense, Clearbit or Demandbase lists to sync your ABM accounts into Drift.
  • Chatbots will automatically book meetings with your VIPs if you’re not around to chat.

Connect With Buyers 24/7/365

Today the buyer has all the power. So when they’re ready to engage with your business, you have to be ready too. Live chat gives your buyers a direct line to your sales team.

  • Chatbots have your back – if you’re not around or not online they’ll jump into a conversation for you.
  • Reporting will help you coach your team on their response time to conversations.
  • Use Drift Intel or LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify buyers that are chatting in.

We actually saw a 72% increase in request a demo leads. To go deeper, we saw a 165% year-over-year increase in average unique demo requests per day.

Steve Gottschalk

Former Director of Digital Marketing at EllieMae (now ICE Mortgage Technology)

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