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You create a more human buying experience: With Drift Live Chat, your website no longer feels like an empty store. Now you can actually say “hello” to the people taking time to visit your site, allowing them to start a conversation when it’s most convenient for them.


😃 Book Meetings Directly To Your Calendar 📅

Imagine if your sales team could walk into the office each day with meetings already booked for them. Drift’s Live Chat connects to your sales team’s calendars to pull availability and book meetings after a lead is qualified.

Imagine how fast you can build pipeline without all the time-consuming steps in the way!

🔧 Build Pipeline Faster & More Efficiently 📈

You spend time, money and a lot of effort driving your highest-valued leads to your website. But when those VIP leads get to your site, they’re forced to fill out forms and wait to hear from you. That’s like having a neon “open” sign on your storefront but a padlock on the front door.

Instead, you could remove all of that friction from the buying process and book meetings in real time. Imagine what that could do for your number.

With Drift, we were able to grow our leads 10x over a conventional chat solution. Now that we use Drift with the qualification logic, live chat has turned into a successful channel of highly qualified leads.”

Nikolas Kreinberg

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