Their Goal is to Create the Most Personalized Buying Experience Possible

Demandbase offers the only Artificial Intelligence-enabled, comprehensive ABM platform that spans Advertising, Marketing, Sales and Analytics helping maximize marketing performance.

For Demandbase, the idea of using Drift stemmed from the need to add a Conversational Marketing channel to better engage their top prospects and convert them into opportunities. Demandbase is a very innovative company in the way they think about engaging with prospects – specifically target accounts.

Why Drift Makes Sense

  1. Drift ABM allows Demandbase to greet their target account site visitors with a personalized message and notify their reps when target accounts are live on the website.
  2. Drift Chatbots give Demandbase the ability to qualify leads in real-time and connect site visitors with a human.
  3. Drift Meetings allows site visitors to instantly book a meeting on a sales rep’s calendar to learn more about their offering.
  4. Drift Live Chat allows Demandbase to ensure that all of the website visitors have someone to talk to and can get them the information they’re looking for.

Demandbase’s Results Using Drift

So what were the results of this all-ABM Drift experience?

Demandbase now converts 33% of all of their conversations into leads. Of those leads, 37% turn into open opportunities for their sales team. But what really stood out to them was that they were able to convert 150% more leads into opportunities than they could with their traditional web forms.

As Demandbase explained:

“The cost per opportunity is much less than some of the more traditional marketing channels.”

Overall, we were able to convert 33% of total conversations into leads, convert 37% of those Drift leads into opportunities, and as a whole, converted 150% more leads into opportunities than our traditional web forms.”
— Mimi Rosenhiem, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Demandbase

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