80% of buyers won’t fill out a form. That’s because more than half will get lost in nurture and never hear from sales. If they do hear back, it’s often too little too late.

Luckily, with Drift Fastlane, qualified buyers can chat with sales instantly – or book a future meeting – without ever leaving the website.

Are you ready to unite sales and marketing with Fastlane?
Join us for an exclusive workshop on July 29th at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET to learn how Drift Fastlane can make your forms conversational, and accelerate buyers through your funnel.

During the workshop, you’ll learn:

Best practices and advice from Drift’s own marketing experts.
How Drift customers are leveraging Fastlane to hit their pipeline numbers (and how you can too).
Tactical next steps on how to set up, and start using Drift Fastlane.


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Drift Workshop: Accelerate Qualified Buyers to Sales with Fastlane