According to B2B Lead, 50% of prospecting is unproductive. Think about it – over 90% of the calls your team makes go unanswered. And of the ones that are answered, only 2% actually result in a first meeting. This has only gotten worse in a fully digital world.

So how can you help your teams succeed?

Drift’s VP of Conversational Sales, Armen Zildjian, and Manager of Sales Development, Scott Schachter, are bringing you the strategies their teams use every day to break into target accounts and exceed their quota using Drift Prospector.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

How to prioritize target accounts, identify the buying committee and simplify outreach
How Drift uses Prospector – with real-life examples
The plays you can steal to help you and your team hit quota


Armen Zildjian
VP of Conversational Sales @ Drift
Scott Schachter
Manager, Sales Development @ Drift

How to exceed your quota and accelerate revenue using Drift Prospector