Looking to create a VIP experience for your top-tier accounts? You’re in the right place. Learn what it takes to build a modern, best-in-class account-based marketing (ABM) program in this webinar from Drift and Ambition. 

The data you use in your ABM program should always be in service to your buyers. Not only does this help you create “wow” moments for these target accounts, but it improves the ROI and cost-effectiveness of your ABM.

In this webinar, Drift & Ambition will discuss: 

Why it’s imperative that sales, marketing, and CX are aligned and implementing a smart ABM strategy (and tips to get everyone on the same page, fast). 
Best practices for using intent data and personalized conversations to share the right message  with the right buyers at the right time.
The role data-driven sales coaching and real-time performance insights play in keeping your revenue teams productive, accountable, and consistently on target. 
Steps to delivering the leads you actually want in your pipeline with Drift’s Virtual Selling Assistants.


Sam Boyd
Director of Sales @ Drift
Mary Foster
Director of Marketing, Ambition

The Secret To Creating an ABM Strategy Your VIP Buyers & Sales Team Will Love