The other day, I was looking at some photos from milestones we’ve hit as a company.

If you were to ask me how we did it I would tell you that it was only because of our culture. Our culture is the thing that makes us special. The thing that competitors can’t steal from us. And *you* are our culture.

Culture is not a set of values.

Culture is not something that is frozen in time back when we were small.

Culture is not who we aspire to be as a team someday.

Culture is the sum of the people at Drift today, the actions that we celebrate and most important the actions that we tolerate.

As we grow from almost 300 Drifters to 500 to 1000 to many thousands, we have to remember that we are our culture. That our culture is dynamic. That we must resist the urge for nostalgia, the urge to force our culture to never change. Instead we must put our energy into choosing what actions we celebrate and which we won’t tolerate (click to Tweet this).

Many years from now, we will all see the results of the seeds you planted today. I look forward to seeing those results with each of you.


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