Email Capture Best Practices

Your go-to resource for adding email capture to any Drift playbook.

About This Book

No one likes being rejected.

At Drift, we do our best to avoid it — especially when capturing our site visitors’ emails. And while we can’t achieve a 100% email capture rate, 100% of the time (we are human after all), we have figured out how to get close to that perfect score.

After looking at every playbook across our entire Drift customer base, we identified the top playbooks for email capture and analyzed what made them perform so well. This guide highlights the results of those findings.

What's Inside

Learn from the best in order to avoid the worst. In this guide, you will find all the definitions, strategies, and examples you need to increase email capture rates across your website. This includes:

  • How to calculate your playbook’s email capture rate
  • Considerations to make when adding email capture to your bot
  • Tips for finding the right tone for your question

…and more.

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Looking to take your relationship with your site visitors to the next level?

The Email Capture Best Practices Guide outlines our data-backed strategy for getting your site visitors’ contact information…without scaring them off.