The Drift Book of Sales Openers

Having trouble getting your foot in the door? It’s time to rethink your hook. Steal these proven sales openers from Drift’s own sales team to start meaningful conversations at the right time and place.

best sales openers

About This Book

In sales, your first impression holds a lot of weight. It can be the difference between a closed deal or a closed door.

And once you open that door, you have 27 seconds to make a good impression.

Seriously, 27 seconds.

The clock starts ticking immediately when your prospect opens that first email, video, call, or chat.

That means subject lines with the only personalized element being the buyer’s name aren’t going to cut it. And if the body of that email is just a generic pitch all about your product or service? Forget about making quota.


Generic openers don’t help to build a meaningful and trusting relationship. And 88% of buyers are only willing to buy from sales reps who they consider trusted advisors.

So how do you get your foot in the door?

An engaging opener (or hook) that is personalized, timely, and relevant.

That’s the key to starting meaningful conversations.

Whether you are connecting with your buyer through text, email, chat, video, LinkedIn, or a phone call — your opener is your secret weapon.


Ready for your competitive advantage? Steal these proven openers to start meaningful conversations across your selling channels.