Conversations are Currency in Marketing & Sales

Behind every deal, every new customer, and every renewal — is a conversation.

And our customers have a lot of them. Last year alone, they had over 41 million chats.

To help companies drive even more high-value conversations in the future, we dug into the chat data — and reached out to our in-house experts at Drift.

Here’s what we learned about creating more conversions, pipeline, and happy customers through the power of conversations.

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The Road to Revenue Goes Through Conversations

Our customers understand the power of Conversational Marketing and Sales. But, data speaks volumes. This last year, Drift customers had over 41 million conversations, which translated, on average, into more than...
Leads Captured
Booked Meetings
Pipeline Influenced
Revenue Influenced
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Customers Have Spoken.
Are You Listening?

Today’s buyers expect speedy responses and
conversations personalized to them.
Or less response time for live chat and chatbots
YOY increase in demand for immediate responses
YOY increase in demand for personalized experiences
2021 State of Conversational Marketing Report
Enhancing the Buyer Experience and Driving Pipeline with Conversational Marketing
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Create Conversations That Convert

Conversations are 5X more likely to convert to leads when a human jumps in

Conversations are 268% more likely to convert to leads when started from marketing campaigns

Conversations are 372% more likely to convert to leads when started from a Conversational Landing Page

Hooks That Hook Buyers

First impressions are everything. We asked Drift’s Conversational Marketing
Specialists what their favorite, high-performing bot hooks were this year.
Here’s what they said:
Hey there 👋 Can I ask you a quick question?
Welcome back! Would you like to speak to a human right now?
Hey, {insert company}! Can I help you find something?
Psst…down here 👋 I can help you can skip the form and book a demo now!
Looks like you’re interested in [solution name], that’s great! Want to chat now?
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Deliver the Right Message at the Right Place at the Right Time

Be there for the moments that matter most. We compiled key benchmarks you
can use to deliver the right message, at the right place, at the right time for
your audience.
80% of website visitors should see your chatbots
2%+ of people who see your chat should start a conversation
4%+ of personalized chat messages for targeted accounts should start a conversation
5%+ of SDR chats should convert into a lead
20% of people who chat with you should provide their email
30% of target accounts who chat with you should give their email
60 seconds or less for sales rep response

Ready to Level Up Your Conversations?

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