Your No-Fear ABM Workbook

Step-by-step instructions for building an ABM campaign that is sure to resonate.

About This Book

From targeted advertising and suggested playlists to abandoned cart emails, B2C companies have figured out what it takes to be personalization masterminds.

So, if B2C companies can do it, why can’t B2B companies do it, too?

Well, you actually can — with just a little bit of research, some cross-functional collaboration, and a whole lot of creativity.

The No-Fear ABM Workbook explains the step-by-step process of developing an account-based marketing (ABM) program that rivals the best B2C programs. Because when you take a page out of the B2C personalization book, you’ll drive higher engagement and increase customer loyalty, all while generating more revenue along the way.

What's Inside

This workbook will walk you through every step you need to take in order to create an ABM campaign that resonates with your ideal buyers — even how to determine who those ideal buyers are!

By downloading the workbook, you’ll get:

  • Tips on what data to look at when determining your target accounts, as well as what data to look at to determine the success of your programs.
  • Fresh ideas for messaging, gifting, and building scalable templates.
  • A fill-in-the-blank worksheet that you can use to build your own ABM campaign.

Ready to beat the B2B personalization odds?

Download the workbook.

Ready to build a personalized campaign that rises above the rest?

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