The State of Account-Based Marketing in APAC

Are your ABM strategies meeting APAC customers’ unique needs? Uncover actionable insights and optimisation techniques in this report from xGrowth.

About This Report

Account-based marketing (ABM) flips the traditional marketing funnel on its head. Instead of reaching as many people as possible with your message, this approach to growth better aligns sales and marketing by agreeing on a set of suitable accounts to target together.

However, what might work in one region or country may not work in another.

Why is that?

Well, there are fundamental differences across regions.

Where ABM has been a very popular approach in regions such as the US and UK, it has only recently gained more traction in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

Would greeting someone with “G’day” in the US make sense? No. In Australia? Yes!

There are key considerations such as language, points of reference, technological adoption, addressable market size, and cultural differences that need to be considered.

So what lessons can companies in APAC take from these regions to identify which approach will work best?

The State of Account-Based Marketing in APAC report provides an in-depth study, with surveys from more than 50 senior APAC marketing practitioners, to provide these answers.

This invaluable guide for B2B marketers uncovers ABM usage, motivations, benefits, pain points, actionable insights, and solutions deployed across the region.

Check out the insights inside this report to put your ABM strategy on the fast track to success.

Winning ABM Strategies for APAC

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