The 71 Women Shaping The Future Of Product Marketing


Meet the powerhouse professionals who are leading the way in product marketing. Some were former engineers and medical students, and you’ll find them across the globe from Boston to Silicon Valley to Romania – everywhere in between.  They’ve founded side hustles, small businesses, and networking groups – and by the way, they’re all women. Tweet: The 71 Women Shaping The Future Of Product Marketing from @Drift

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  1. Ahyoung An owns Product Marketing at MuleSoft Inc.
  2. Nathalie Kim Lieber runs Product Marketing at LinkedIn.
  3. Katherine Kelly is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Zendesk.
  4. Another Zendesker made this list – Gabriele Famous is VP of Product Marketing.
  5. Over at Kissmetrics, Keara Cho is the Senior Product Marketing Manager.
  6. You’ll find Alexandra Gutow at Cloudier as the Product Marketing Manager.
  7. Last Zendesker but certainly not least, Stephanie Zou is Director of Product Marketing.
  8. Behind the little green elephant, Gina J. Kim is Global Product Marketing Manager at Evernote.
  9. Kate Cochran is Senior Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn.
  10. Also at LinkedIn as a Senior Product Marketing Manager is Jasmine Anderson Taylor.
  11. Lindsay Bayuk oversees Product at Purechat. She’s a self-described foodie.
  12. LuLu Cheng is a Product Manager at Pinterest. Previously Product Marketing at Dropbox and Microsoft. Her writing about the PM and the PMM roles are worth the read.
  13. Katherine Brittain hangs out at Dropbox doing Product Marketing.
  14. Allison Averill is a Product Marketing Manager at Localytics.
  15. Now at M. Gemi, Lesley Mottla is SVP Product and Experience. She was previously doing product management and product marketing at Zipcar and Groove Networks.
  16. Doing marketing at the PayPal offices in Boston is Farah Hussain.
  17. Jeanne Ngo is a Product Marketing Manager at Pentaho.
  18. Meg Diaz spends her days as Senior Product Marketing Manager at OpenDNS.
  19. Product Marketing Manager Irina Nica works at SEOmonitor.
  20. April Dunford is a Managing Partner at Sprintly with a background spanning customer success and product marketing.
  21. Alicia Shiu owns Product Marketing at Amplitude. It’s worth highlighting that she was previously pursuing a PhD at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.
  22. At GenArts, Aarin Murray runs Marketing and Product Management.
  23. Allison B Macleod is the Senior Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations at Rapid7.
  24. The Director of Product Marketing at CDK Digital Marketing is Alyson Sharron.
  25. Asya Bashina leads SolidWorks Subscription Services and Customer Marketing at Dassault Systemes.
  26. Product Marketing Manager Cassie Stewart at Sendgrid also helps organize Boulder Startup Week.
  27. Find Erin Hinson at WebPT as their Product Marketing Manager.
  28. Jessica Iandiorio is the VP of Marketing at Driftt. She was previously VP of Product Marketing at Acquia and writes enthusiastically about product marketing.
  29. Meghan Keaney Anderson is VP of Marketing at HubSpot. She’s also a writing professor at Boston University.
  30. Google alum Susan Billingsly is now doing Product Marketing at Intent Media.
  31. Gartner’s Research Director Kirsten Knipp also founded RingSafe to help you keep your wedding band safe.
  32. Millie Liu is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bullhorn.
  33. Courtney Kay is the VP of Field & Product Marketing at TechTarget.
  34. Carol Genis serves as Iron Mountain’s Global Product Marketing Manager.
  35. Over at Sonian, Sue Imhoff is Director of Product Marketing.
  36. Jennifer Kilshaw Gill works as Director of Global Product Marketing at Zerto. Her undergraduate degree is in biomedical engineering. She founded I Am Not a Booth Babe to challenge the stereotype that women aren’t as knowledgeable about technology as their male peers.
  37. Shirin Shahin is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove. She also runs a blog about Iranian-American culture.
  38. Caitlin Gordon spends her days at EMC as Director of Product Marketing.
  39. Also at Brightcove, Lisa Littlefield is Director of Product Marketing.
  40. Inside HubSpot’s orange spokes, Maggie Hibma holds the title of Marketing Enablement, Marketing Ops.
  41. At Nice Systems in Manhattan, Sheridan Orr is Head of Global Product Marketing, Customer Experience Analytics.
  42. You’ve might’ve heard of a little company called AdRoll. Mary Shirley is Manager of the Product Marketing Team there.
  43. Also inside the HubSpot’s orange spokes, Rachel Sprung works in Product Marketing.
  44. Rebecca Abrahams is Product Marketing Manager at Gryphon Networks.
  45. Salesforce’s Director of Product Marketing is Michelle Shinn Jones.
  46. Miriam Newton is Vice President of Product Marketing at Criteo.
  47. Anna Rosenman leads Product Marketing at Percolate. She previously was Senior Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud.
  48. The last Salesforce feature is Seema Kumar. She’s Senior Director of Product Marketing.
  49. You can find Yvonne Chen at Localytics as Senior Director, Product Marketing and Strategy.
  50. Cara Ruccolo is Product Marketing Manager at Vecna.
  51. Does Oracle sound familiar? Nikki Heyder is their Product Marketing Manager.
  52. Joan Gale is Senior Product Marketing Manager over at Dell’s Enterprise Solution Group.
  53. Claire Lima Cobden is Director of Product Marketing at Ericsson.
  54. Jessy Hanley is VP Marketing & Customer Experience at GSN Games. (Sounds like a fun gig.)
  55. Do you have one of those swanky thermostats from Nest? Lauren Gellman is Head of Partner Marketing and a background in Product Marketing at Google.
  56. Kay Benaroch is a Product Marketing Manager at Dell.
  57. Another Localytics name here! Natala Menezes is Director of Product Strategy. She’s an alum of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.
  58. Calling all coffee enthusiasts: Kate Chojnacki is Product Marketing Manager of Innovation at Keurig.
  59. Kim Mahoney is the Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Forrester.
  60. At Massachusetts-based EMC, Alyson Langon is a Senior Product Marketing Manager.
  61. Shawna Larkowski works as Senior Product Marketing Manager at AOL Platforms.
  62. The Team Lead for Travel Product Marketing at Google is Beth McGrath.
  63. Sapphire Reels works as the Product Marketing Specialist at Patientco.
  64. At Bitdefender’s office in Romania, Andra Cazacu is a Product Marketing Manager.
  65. Amy Saper is now pursuing her MBA at Stanford. Previously, she rocked product marketing at Twitter.
  66. Emma Tangoren is a Product Marketing Manager at Kickstarter. That’s not all: She was named 25 under 25 in Boston and helped found Rough publish Ventures, a student-led investment fund.
  67. Rosalia Cefalu does Product Marketing Sales Enablement at HubSpot. She’s also a huge Justin Timberlake fan (aren’t we all?!)
  68. Elisa Bellagamba does Product Marketing at Twilio. She’s been a driving force behind their massive success.
  69. Emel Mutlu is Director of Product Marketing for Performance Ads Platforms at Twitter.
  70. Lizelle van Vuuren is Founder and CEO of Effectively. She also organized Women Who Startup, an organization dedicated to supporting women in technology roles and entrepreneurial pursuits. Her background was in product marketing before founding her own companies.
  71. Member of the Bitdefender team, Anca Bundaru works as a Product Marketing Manager.

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