More Integrations, Smarter AI, and Real-Time Insights: What’s New This Quarter at Drift

By Fiona Shang

This quarter, we reached another significant milestone at Drift! In The Forrester New Wave: Conversation Automation Solutions, 2022 report, we were named a leader based on our current product offering, strategy, and market presence.

While we’d love to make a toast to that, we believe the best way to celebrate is to keep improving and innovating. So, this quarter, we are excited to introduce more releases that take our integrations, AI, and insights to the next level, which will help your go-to-market teams generate more pipeline and revenue without straining them.

Read on to review our top new features this quarter 👇

Microsoft Teams & Google Meet Integrations 

Whether buyers are using Drift’s chatbots or live chat, reading an email, or looking at a Drift profile, Drift Meetings lets you schedule sales meetings with qualified leads, 24/7. It’s a great way to help you improve sales efficiency, increase quality pipeline, and provide a better customer experience.

So, if you like saving time, you’re in luck. It’s now even easier for your sellers and buyers to schedule meetings with the power of our Microsoft Teams and Google Meet integrations. With these integrations, Drift will automatically add a unique Teams or Google conference link to your meetings, making sure you never forget to add a link to a Teams or Google Meet meeting again.

Learn more about the Microsoft Teams and Google Meet integrations.

Meeting Integrations

Evaluate Your AI Conversation Performance

Drift’s patented Conversational AI empowers your prospects and customers to ask questions in their own words, anticipates their intent, and provides immediate answers at any hour.

Now, you can get even more insights into the quality of conversations with AI Conversation Rating, which allows prospects and customers to rate AI bot responses with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. With this upgrade,  you can evaluate these ratings, monitor AI topic performance, and continue improving the customer experience with a better-trained AI model.

Learn more about AI Conversation Rating.

Conversational AI Rating

Coach Your Team with RealTime Dashboard

In today’s digital-first world, with different work setups, habits, and time zones, tracking your teams’ performance and productivity is a lot trickier. That’s why we built RealTime Dashboard to help sales and service managers better coach their teams and improve the customer experience.

RealTime Dashboard provides live data on conversation volume, team availability, performance, CSAT, and more. These immediate and actionable insights empower managers to drill into real-time team performance and bandwidth, identify coachable moments, and follow up on poorly-rated conversations so that you ultimately don’t lose out on that opportunity.

Learn more about RealTime Dashboard.

RealTime Dashboard

More Enhancements to Improve Efficiency

The recent market slowdown and hiring freezes have left many of us with a smaller budget and fewer resources. That’s why, this month, we released more features to help you work smarter and achieve more with less.

Central Notification Settings puts all your Drift settings into one place. Now, you can more easily and efficiently customize how and when you get Drift’s real-time notifications to what works best for you.

Learn more about Central Notification Settings.

Real-Time Notifications

Activity Timeline gives you a historical snapshot of an account’s Drift activities throughout the customer journey. With this, your sales reps can prioritize, research, and manage deals more efficiently — all in one place. They can also filter the feed to dig into specific activity details without wasting time looking for information elsewhere.

Learn more about Activity Timeline.

Activity Timeline

Transcript Send saves agents time and effort in handling conversational transcript requests. It enables customers to email transcripts to themselves directly from the Drift Chatbot with just one click. This way, you can use the time saved to focus on other essential tasks without making compromises with your customer experience.

Learn more about Transcript Send.

Send Conversation Transcripts

Transfer and Leave ensures more efficient and seamless transitions between different teammates. If you invite another teammate to a conversation and they don’t respond, the chatbot will automatically respond with a fallback. This means you can immediately leave the conversation and start chatting with the next prospect or customer without any worries.

Transfer and Leave Fallback

Contact Convo Search helps you find previous conversations and key accounts faster. By searching directly for names, account names, or email addresses, you’ll be able to quickly gain critical context about your accounts. It’s just the shortcut you need to engage your target accounts with relevant information efficiently and personalize your sales outreach at scale.

Contact Conversation Search

Want to learn how to prioritize the right work, cut through the noise, and build quality pipeline with Drift? Check out our most recent ebook, The Practical Guide to Efficient and Effective Selling.

The Practical Guide to Efficient & Effective Selling