Salesforce Owner Routing and Estimated Wait Time: June Releases from Drift

By Gauri Iyengar

As you head into summer, you might be thinking of some essentials you need to take advantage of these sunny days. Like sunscreen, bug spray, and a cool beverage. At Drift this month, we are rolling out some essentials as well – from routing in Salesforce owners to estimating wait times.

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

Opportunity Routing

If there is a sales conversation happening with a contact from an open opportunity, then you might want to route in the sales rep and continue it and help answer the prospect’s questions. With opportunity routing, you can do just that. Opportunity Routing adds a new option to Salesforce owner routing rules to look up an owner from a Salesforce opportunity so that you can route in the right owner.

Click here to learn more about opportunity routing.

Estimated Wait Time

To create an ideal experience, you want to let customers and prospects know how long they might expect to wait. With Estimated Wait Time, you can set appropriate expectations based on routing fallback rules.

But where does this number come from? An org-specific estimated wait time is based on your business’s historical and recent estimated wait time data.

Click here to learn more about Estimated Wait Time.

That’s all for this month. Check back in next month for more from Drift.

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