How Uber Gets Customer Feedback

mtNrf7oxS4uSxTzMBWfQ_DSC_0043.jpgUber’s doing something right: a $60+ billion valuation. Estimates of 1 million rides a day. People can’t get enough of Uber.

And yet they still routinely ask for customer feedback.  They understand that customer feedback is one of the key ingredients for growth.

Let’s take a look at how Uber gets customer feedback based on a recent survey they sent out.


They start with an email – and a nicely personalized one. The copy implies this is an exclusive club of top riders. It deserves your click.

The real winner here is the subject line of this email:

Can We Ask You Something?

Too often when running a survey, all of the effort goes into the creation and not the delivery mechanism. Remember – if the subject line isn’t interesting, we’ll never take the survey. No one will open the email.


The call-to-action opens a few questions on Typeform. Here are the 3 questions:

Here’s what’s great about this: the survey is short. Perfect for fleeting attention spans. The colors are on-brand. Typeform is responsive to any device.

The order of the questions here is interesting, and the first open-ended question is required. This could feel like work for some and lead to respondents bouncing quickly — or it could lead to more thorough, committed responses. Additionally, the NPS survey is in the middle vs. first. It could go first since it’s a quick 1 to 10 scale.


After you finish they survey, you’re taken to a closing screen.

Simple and effective, but two things stood out:

1. There are no social share buttons. This survey is clearly meant for a specific group they want feedback from.

2. The survey was low on personality. It was designed to be a very simple survey, but a minor touch like “we’ll make your next ride with us even better” could be a nice touch.

Even billion-dollar brands take the time to survey their customers, and this shows that it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. A simple survey to get customer feedback can go a long way.

10X The Impact Of Your Next Survey

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