How to Optimize Your SEO Strategy and Close More Deals with Content in 2019

SEO for Sales Enablement

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post. Interested in contributing content to the Drift blog? Email Gail Axelrod at 59% of customers prefer to do an extensive amount of research before talking to a salesperson when buying a software product, according to a Forrester report from 2015. Does that mean sales is an unnecessary […]
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SaaS Sales Expert Mark Roberge on Why Sales Leaders Need to Follow These 4 Steps To Scale Their Teams [Exclusive Interview]

Mark Roberge Drift

The tactical details of the sales process vary from company to company and even from individual to individual, but there are certain universal insights that will help any sales team thrive. Once revealed, these foundational concepts may seem like common sense, but the truth is that many people don’t really learn them without a good […]
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How to Realign Your Enterprise Sales Team in the Age of Conversational Selling: A Conversation with Board Advisor & Sales Leader Chris Reisig

Chris Reisig

Let’s take a little trip down Sales Memory Lane. You’re a BDR or SDR cold calling prospects. Maybe you’re lucky enough to get one in 100 people to pick up the phone. But when they do, the prospect doesn’t even know why they’re being called. Then comes the heavy lift, especially for an inexperienced rep, […]
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Welcome to Now: The Future Of B2B Sales & Marketing Is About Connecting With Customers Now, Not Later

When you look back on the past decade of B2B sales and marketing, there’s been one constant — one thing that buyers and businesses alike could count on, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year… Waiting. As B2B marketers and salespeople, we’ve been conditioned to make our buyers wait. […]
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Inside the Drift Playbook for Increasing Website Conversions: 6 Plays You Should Be Running Right Now

Here’s an eye-opening stat: Only 22% of B2B businesses are satisfied with their website conversion rates. Why? Because the path that most people follow on a company’s website tends to look something like this.👇 Customer gets to your website, scrolls through your homepage, checks out your products, looks at your pricing page, and then before […]
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