Our Four-Part Framework For Conversational Selling: How The Best Reps Build Pipeline Faster With Chat

Conversational Selling Framework

Since launching our first chat widget on drift.com almost three years ago, real-time conversations with buyers on our website have been the #1 driver of our hypergrowth. Leads that come from conversations are 2.5x more likely to become opportunities than those from any of our other lead sources. And leads from conversations convert 2X faster […]
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Introducing Drift Help: Deliver 24/7 Conversational Support On Your Website

Conversational marketing and sales is about meeting prospects where they are and providing a one-to-one experience that feels less like a sales pitch and more like a helpful dialogue between friends. When executed properly, a conversational approach leads to better educated prospects, more closed deals, and a stronger relationship between buyers and your brand. But […]
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This Is How You Break Free From the Competition

It’s a question my co-founder David and I get asked all the time: You entered a market with thousands of competitors…how do you differentiate yourselves from this competitor, or that competitor? The answer: We don’t care about the competition, we care about our customers. We don’t see ourselves going head-to-head against all of those other […]
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